It’s amazing, one second your dreaming of cupcakes and kittens dancing under a rainbow, and the next a psychopathic bunny with a machete is turning the cutesy tableaux into a bloodbath. Yup, that’s what my nightmares are like. Maybe your night terrors stem from the fear of forgetting to have done your taxes until the day after they’re due, or waking up naked in the middle of an exam, whatever it is, nightmares can be terrifying and can wrench you from sleep. It seems though that nightmares not only interrupt our slumber but have an effect on how the brain functions during our waking hours as well. Rather than simply releasing anxiety as some clinicians believe, nightmares appear to impact our ability to deal with stress and contribute to a greater over all anxiousness if they occur often enough. This article fromScientific American gives a good overview. With that in mind, it’s likely that parts of what we see and hear before drifting off to sleep make it into our subconscious then worm their way into our dreams, So I suggest staying away from the horror movies too close to bed time and sticking with comics before your head hits the pillow.