Moods are a tricky thing. One minute you’re on cloud nine, the next the world is crumbling and you feel like you have no control. And in fact, according to Daniel Kahneman, you don’t. Not really. In his book Thinking, Fast and Slow he recounts his extensive study of how humans think. According to Kahneman two systems dominate our brains; one that reacts instinctively and is the conduit through which we interact with the world, and a second “lazier” system that only kicks in when critical thinking is required. These two systems make up who we are. Unfortunately the surprisingly easy to manipulate System #1, takes top billing, letting simple things like a dime, a pencil, or a word influence decisions we believe we are in control of. If you don’t feel like slogging through his rather hefty tome, ASAPScience did a fantastic video investigating the concept. So, knowing that a simple pencil forcing you to smile can help lighten your mood, grab a number two and read more comics.