We’re not alone! And no I don’t mean ancient aliens and posterior probes. I mean this is a small planet and it’s crowded, so get to know your neighbor. Staying connected has never been easier with social media and portable tech. But despite the internet bringing the world closer together, it seems we’ve never felt farther apart. This article from Refine The Mind has a great breakdown of the video “The Innovation of Loneliness”. It’s nice to stay in touch through cyberspace when your friends are a couple of continents over, but we can’t forget the face-to-face, real world contact. So turn to someone next to you and say “hello”. Call up a friend and make plans to have coffee, lunch, dinner. Buy a ticket to visit a relative. And if no one is available, don’t forget that lovable little organ between your ears. It’s so easy to lose your mind when brainlessly surfing the internet so nourish it with chocolate and literature, or at the very least popcorn and more comics.