For some it happens before speaking publicly, for other’s it’s in confined spaces, still others feel it when exposed to heights, it’s panic. Your palms get sweaty, your heart starts to beat harder and your adrenalin spikes. Usually this is your body ramping-up to deal with a stressful situation, but a slight chemical imbalance in the brain can turn the situation into a debilitating panic attack. The cause of this is is still under debate but the most likely culprit is the amygdala. A small cluster of neurons in your mid brain responsible in large part for your emotions, and fear specifically. If it isn’t regulated properly it can overload leading to extreme sensations that can render us temporarily helpless. This article from has a great overview of what’s actually going on in the brain during these episodes and a few methods in how to deal with them. If you find yourself in a situation like this, take a deep breath and look for a distraction, like reading more comics:)