If you live in an urban setting it can be easy to forget that most of the world isn’t covered in asphalt and concrete. Sure there are the sporadic trees hemmed in by sidewalks, or the odd park sprinkled about a city, but you often have to go out of your way to find a truly green space. There are always exceptions to the rule but by and large urban settings are not known for their greenery. It’s the hustle and flow of business, the buzz of technology, the non stop action, it draws us in and takes hold. The strange thing is how our brains function differently in these settings vs rural or garden settings. Not surprisingly our brains are more at ease when in a natural setting away from the office, the concrete and emails. The concept isn’t new and for many is rather intuitive, but in the last few years science has been able to back up the claim with nifty technology that enabled neuroscientists to bring the lab outside with them. This article from the New York Times Well section discusses the process by which portable electroencephalographs documented the variations in brain activity when exposed to urban and more rural settings. The result being a more rested yet more attentive brain state. So if you’re feeling stressed, fatigued, hounded by technology, shut down your devices and head out into a green space to recharge. Then when you’re ready come back, read another comic for a laugh before getting to work.