We’ve all had it happen: exhausted after a long day we can’t wait to catch some Z’s. But as soon as your head hits the pillow your brain explodes with ideas. That’s your cortex in overdrive and at that point you wish you could just shut your brain off. Well, not entirely. Even when you finally get to sleep your brain is quite active. The hypothalamus, a group of neurons situated above your brain stem keeps firing away throughout the night. It regulates your autonomic nervous system, your heart, lungs, digestion. You know, all the important stuff that keeps you alive. So though you may want to shut your brain down so you can get a couple of hours of shut eye, just remember that even though it may seem as if your brain is trying to sabotage you, at least some parts of it are working on your behalf. If you’re really having trouble sleeping try a couple of these tricks from PsychCentral Maybe you’ll get a few more winks in before waking up and reading more comics.