Introducing “Gray Matters” Popcornsandwich’s semi-quarterly, mildly-informational, mind-hacking segment (That’s right, we’re trying to be helpful.) And to start us off we proudly present a comic about introductions and the pesky task of remembering names. Our brains are vast processors of information but it often seems that we forget the simplest things almost immediately, especially names. But that might not be your fault. According to this article from National Geographic relying on our hearing to make new memories might be a mistake. The brain creates a more complex pathway when several senses are involved in the making of a memory. By using sight, sound, touch, smell, and other senses we form a multi-sensory memory that is more likely to stay with us. Just be careful which ones you choose to use. Because while feeling up someone you just met is definitely inappropriate, combining a visualization exercise or the smell of a cup of coffee you just bought might help you remember their name the next time you meet. So to practice, try reading this comic aloud and see if it helps the tips stick with you. At the very least it will give the person sitting next to you something to laugh at.