Staying focused in this day and age of pop-up ads and click bait is next to impossible. Especially when there’s a flashing icon next to the article you’re trying to read, begging you with bright lights and flashing colors to take a detour from your intended course of action. The internet is a wondrous place, but it’s also a morass of utter nonsense, a blackhole for your attention span. So it’s no surprise that our ability to focus for any length of time is rapidly dwindling. Apparently according to the length of the average human’s attention has been surpassed by that of a goldfish. Though I suppose if you have nothing else to do but swim around in circles you might be fascinated by the world outside your bowl. And we should be too! There are seven billion people in 196 different countries on 7 seven continents surrounded by 5 oceans and that’s just this planet! And yes, you can explore a good deal of those using google earth, even the GreatBarrier Reef, but the point is to explore it. This video from Sam Harris It Is Always Now is a great reminder of how short life is and how much we take it for granted. So find something that you won’t feel as though you wasted your brief time here on earth doing and go for it! But don’t forget to take a quick break now and again and read more comics.