Your brain is a chemical factory. And it’s the natural drugs it produces that lead to addictions of all shapes and sizes; money, power, chocolate, even television. Yes it’s never been easier to feed that particular vice than it is now with websites like Netflix and Hulu offering up your favorite shows on a platter, episode after episode, season after season. Not only are we hooked through well written stories and cliffhangers, or characters that feel like friends, but through subtle changes in our brains. This article from The Huffington Post has a great breakdown of what happens when we over indulge in a show. Worse than watching however, can be the devices that we watch on. According to another article blue light from your device before going to bed can disrupt sleep patterns leading to exhaustion, insomnia, and other sleep related health problems. So like anything, watch with moderation, go light on the buttered popcorn, and take plenty of breaks to read more comics.