And just when things were going so well… It’s the new year, a new leaf has turned, the clouds are parting, but what’s that falling at terminal velocity through those dissipating cumulonimbi? A piano, and it’s got your name on it. If you haven’t figured it out this is a terrible metaphor for an impending headache, or migraine. The origins of which are still a bit of a mystery, much like a piano falling from the sky. But this article from How stuff works gives a pretty good explanation of the current theory for migraines; what they are, and how best to treat them. Essentially your brain attacks itself, but if you learn to recognize the triggers or symptoms, they are treatable, which is more than you could do if you were hit by a falling piano. And for those of you who are curious. CLICK HERE(warning the audio is pretty loud) to see what a falling piano looks like:) Best of luck in the new year and read more comics, I’ve heard that that prevents headaches too!