It’s easy to get caught in a cycle of negative thoughts that set your mood spiraling into depression. What’s worse is when these thoughts dominate your life and people tell you it’s all in your head. Well, it is, but it’s far from imaginary. Depression has been linked directly to the health of your hippocampus, a seahorse shaped region of the brain responsible for spatial awareness, memory, and emotions. The hippocampus actually shrinks the longer the state of depression lasts. The good news is that due to it’s neuroplasticity, (the ability to grow new neurons) it can bounce back to its original size with improved moods. This video from ASAPScience has a great overview of all the other factors that contribute to your brain health in regards to negative thoughts and depression. So don’t let the fact that your brain might actually shrink if you’re in a bad mood get you down. Read a comic, crack a smile, and make your brain grow.