I think (most of the time) therefore I am. The mere fact that you are conscious means you exist, according to Descartes anyway. But what is consciousness? What makes the you, you? Philosophers and scientists are still looking for answers and may be on the right track having recently identified the function of a small patch of neurons deep in the brain. It’s called the Claustrum, and apparently when stimulated with electrodes it can render someone temporarily unaware of the world around them. It is literally an on/off switch for your conscious mind. This article from NewScientist.com gives a more in-depth view of the Claustrum and the experiments that led to discovering how it works. This takes us one step closer to figuring out the science behind the individual, the self, our consciousness. Once that’s in the bag, then maybe we can upload it into giant flying robots, wouldn’t that be cool? But it might be a while, so until then sit back, relax, and read more comics.