Ever wonder if humans are still evolving? Whether homo sapiens are just the mid point to some distant hominid hybrid a million generations down the line? Well, we are. And one indicator is that the size of our brains is shrinking. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we are getting dumber, though if you take a look at current popular media you might think so. But in fact it might be quite the opposite. The shrinking of our brains may increase efficiency, the shorter distances between active regions making communication faster and requiring fewer calories to run. This article from LiveScience has a great overview of some of the things that may be contributing to the waning size of our most interesting organ. Despite the fact that the physical size might be getting smaller our minds are certainly expanding with the information we have at hand, so why not open up a new world between your ears and read more comics.

For those that are interested the video that inspired this comic is from Head squeeze and can be watched here.