Feeling a little heavy around the middle. Added a few extra winter pounds. Well not to worry. Now you can get a whole new body! I’m talking about a head transplant. No need to diet or exercise, eat right or care for the body you were given at birth, you can just get a new one. Well not exactly. Moral and ethical questions aside the technology isn’t quite here and some scientists believe it may never be. In this article from Livescience they discuss why the announcement that the first head transplant is only two years away may not hold any water. But If you can’t switch your body for a new one, you might be able to upload yourself to a computer as early as 2045. In another article from Livescience the rapidly expanding computational powers of computers is creating the possibility that a person’s brain could be mapped and uploaded essentially digitizing their conciousness. The stuff of science fiction you say? Maybe, only time will tell. Until then, sit back read a comic, and wait for robots to take over the world.